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Enlyyhtenment Illuminates The Path To Truth and Salvation
Enlighten..."to give intellectual or spiritual light to; instruct; impart knowledge to; To shed light upon."

"...for the earth shall be as full of the knowledge of Yahuwah as the waters cover the sea"Yesha'yah (Isaiah) 11:9

As I mentioned before, the sole mission of the LYYHT is to help you change your mindset to the proper perspective, so you can lead others to a personal relationship with Mashiyach and to ultimately be saved at the end. We will accomplish this through our process of enlyyhtenment. By revealing the mysteries that have been hiding in plain sight through the gifts or prophecy, discernment, wisdom and knowledge. Enlyyhtenment begins with seeking the face of He who sits on the throne. In doing so you must have faith that our father will fulfill His promise of enlyyhting us with the Truth through his revelations.

The most important tool for true enlyyhtenment is quality education. The LYYHT is dedicated to providing divinely-inspired education and guidance that is unique to our organization. Some of the information is compiled from other credible sources and endorsed by The LYYHT All of it has been graduated to the next level through prophecy, wisdom, discernment and divine confirmation. The scriptures were never meant to be enough as the world and current church would have you believe. They are just a guideline that leads to greater things manifesting in the physical and spirit worlds as you pursue a relationship with our father in Shamayim. These things need to be tied together in order to see and understand the divine picture of what is necessary in life to be pleasing in his sight and make it through to salvation. The LYYHT is a foundation and nucleus of various revelations and prophesies regarding his mysteries and the last days that bridges the chasm between the scriptures and the physical/spirit worlds. It is written, those who want to see will and those who reject the truth will remain in darkness. The LYYHT will shine bright enough for the entire world to see once the heart has been softened and the blinders have been removed.

For those of you who hunger for the Truth and thirst for divine knowledge, The LYYHT will clear a straight path and pave the way to the One and Only True Light. The Light will start off small but will be bright and visible in the distance. As you begin to learn more and more on your journey, the Light will grow in brilliance and intensity and we will become more and more after our Elohim's own heart until we reach the ultimate objective of our lifetime ...eternal paradise.

In the Enlyyhtenment section below and on the right are links to different lessons so you can become Learned in those areas. These same areas are available in The LYYHT Forum as topics of discussion as well.

Enlyyhtenment Studies
Shining The LYYHT On Names
This study teaches the critical importance and meanings of the original and kodesh Hebrew names of scripture and why mankind never had any divine authority to change them.
Shining The LYYHT On The Sabbath
This study sheds light on the one and only true Sabbath day (Shabbat) and how millions of Believers worldwide are worshipping on a day that is strictly pagan.
Shining The LYYHT On Holidays & Birthdays
Learn the truth behind our most revered and celebrated holidays and why TRUE Believers should have no part in them.
Shining The LYYHT On What Goes In Our Bodies
This study teaches why what we eat is so critical and why what we are forbidden to eat or shouldn't eat can literally help you live or die.
Shining The LYYHT On What Goes On Our Bodies
This study teaches why we should be ultra careful about what we allow to touch our bodies and how seemingly harmless things can surely shorten your life.
Shining The LYYHT On Nature for Good Health
This study teaches about how what occurs naturally in nature is far better for us and to us than the things created in labs by the hands of men.
Shining The LYYHT On Astrology
This study teaches why astrology is taught as evil by the Church but when looked at closer it is in fact, quite the contrary.
Shining The LYYHT On Astronomy
This study teaches why astronomy is taught as evil by the Church but when looked at closer it is in fact, quite the contrary.
Shining The LYYHT On Angels & Aliens
This study teaches the difference between Angels and Aliens. We are offering some perspective that many people most likely have never thought about but is the truth.

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