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Our Source Is THE Source
The LYYHT (light) was manifested into existence through his prophet Mikha'el by our Father and creator Yahuwah Elohim, the true and kodesh Hebrew name of Elohim (God), to be a beacon for those who believe in and desire to follow our master and savior Yahushua ha Mashiyach (the true and kodesh Hebrew name of Jesus the Christ) so we can be saved from the clutches of eternal damnation.

We use the true and kodesh (holy) names of the father and son because we were commanded to. Ancient Shemitic tongues such as Hebrew and Aramaic are Elohim's kodesh languages and is what every Believer should speak when conversing about kodesh people and things. Not the "Europeanized" versions of those names which mankind had no authority whatsoever to change. Words and names are significant and the proof is all over scripture. This is one seemingly simple yet monumental reason the LYYHT is needed now more than ever in the history of mankind. The LYYHT will expose the many lies and abominations running rampant through common belief systems and in particular Catholicism and Protestantism, both by definition are considered "Christianity", and both of which at their core are based on an ancient pagan Babylonian religion. Everything you will see and hear through the LYYHT is backed firmly by scripture.

The LYYHT's ultimate objectives are to redefine the PERSPECTIVES of mankind seeking the truth in their heart of hearts and to build an army of these true Believers. When you see things from Elohim's perspective, then and only then can souls be saved. They key is to gain the proper perspective on how Elohim looks upon us as human beings and our sinful and unworthy nature. Humility will come naturally to our hearts as our vision becomes clearer through ongoing knowledge of the Truth. Then and only then will the blinders of our sinful flesh finally be removed so we can begin to see the many truths that have been hiding in plain sight all along. Through truth and faith we will graduate to the next level of spiritual existence and condemn and crucify our carnal, damned and wicked existence.

Everyone Won't See The LYYHT
The LYYHT spearheads and tackles human, worldly and spiritual issues in ways that highly contradict traditional teachings spanning centuries and instead go back to the days and context of when Mashiyach and his disciples walked the earth. We delve into topics that have been highly controversial and considered heretical or forbidden by religious establishments (modern day scribes, elders, Pharisees, Sadducees and hypocrites). These very same things that our sa'tan (adversary), the devil, the destroyer and his forces, have perfected and use against us daily to take us out one by one without us even realizing it. Hoshe'Yah (Hosea) 4:6 says, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge...", and this lack of knowledge accompanied with lack of wisdom can cause things as simple as diet, herbs, astrology, holiday observation, pharmaceuticals, spirituality, sexuality and more to be the gateways to our physical and spiritual destruction. The LYYHT will shine on many of these issues, backed solidly by scripture and Divine wisdom, so we can become better Believers and more effectively be about our father's business. As a Believer, this is not an option. It is a requirement as we prepare for the second coming of our Adonai and eternal life with him and the father in shamayim (heaven).

Whether you realize it or even believe it, we are at war and our enemy is playing for eternal keeps. And in order to defeat the enemy we have to understand the enemy's thoughts, strategies and tactics. This calls for a radical and uncomfortable shift in perspective so we can see what Elohim and Yahushua desire us to see in order to avoid deception and eternal destruction.

The LYYHT is for every living soul, but unfortunately not everyone will see it. Scripture states that the light is only for people who truly and desperately thirst for and seek the truth. And we were promised that if we seek it, we shall find it. Those who want to see will see and those who don't will remain in darkness until the casting out into outer darkness with absolute separation from our father Elohim for all of eternity.

The Beacon of LYYHT - The Prophet
I am a man and I am a sinner like every man who has ever lived, except for our Master and savior. I have fully yielded to my calling and now I am a prophet of and represent the Most High, Yahuwah Elohim (pronounced yah oo wah eeloheem). Nevertheless I am still a man. But now I am a new man with a new name, and with a Divine and extremely important mission...to bring the world to the Truth through the knowledge and wisdom of end time prophecies and current happenings so that those who endure to the end can be saved from the clutches of eternal damnation.

When I was little, I always felt that my name was Michael for some odd reason. I told my mother repeatedly that I wanted my name to be changed to Michael. I had absolutely no idea why at the time. Naturally, she dismissed the notion as childish nonsense. But the desire persisted.

One morning not too long ago, my mother called me bright and early amazed. She told me that she had a vivid dream and that the Ruach ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) had confirmed that my new name is Michael. This is significant for a number of reasons which I soon came to learn. Number one, that was my first of several prophecies which came to pass.

When some of us are chosen to do certain things for Elohim (Mightiest of the Mighty Ones), according to the New Covenant, we must become new creatures in Yahushua ha Mashiyach (pronounced yah oo shuah ha masheeahk). [Click Here to hear it pronounced] This transformation into a new person, i.e. being born again, often comes with a new divinely-given and relevant name. This new name is a confirmation of your new identity according to the Creator and governor of all things. Contrary to popular belief, names are significant and the proof spans the scriptures. (The LYYHT On Names) And even the use of nicknames is strictly forbidden.

Now when I was young I had no idea about the significance of the Hebrew version of the name 'Michael'. As a matter of fact, I had no idea that it was even a Hebrew name until 2007. I just felt that it was my name for some reason. In Hebrew the name Michael, actually Mikha'el (pronounced mee kah eel) means "who is like Elohim?". That is incredible because I never cease to be amazed at the awesomeness of Elohim when I look at every aspect of life from the complexity of an ant to the vastness and beauty of the heavens (the lights [stars and wandering stars] in the waters above the firmament as it is written). I constantly ask myself who is like Elohim? Absolutely nobody.

It has been told to me several times throughout my life that I am a prophet. The first time was by a complete stranger at a youth function when I was about seventeen. This man singled me out in the crowd and asked what was my name. I stated it and he said, "when I get up in the morning I see your face, when I go through my day I see your face and when I go to bed I see your face." He then told everyone in the crowd to take a good look at me because I may be a prophet and don't even know it. That was an incredibly profound experience and the first of a few more revelations from complete strangers that claimed that I am a prophet of the Most High.

I basically dismissed them all because I simply did not believe that I could be among even the most minor prophets of scripture. I still struggled with the title prophet until recently. Elohim has awesome ways of confirming who you are and who he has chosen you to be. He uses the traditional and also the most unexpected and creative ways to deliver His messages of confirmation. To most people, it would be mere coincidence. But to one seeking the Truth it is obvious that He is speaking to you because coincidences simply do not exist. Coincidence is a word created by unbelievers to explain away what is truly done supernaturally.

Mikha'el the archangel is a messenger of Elohim and leader of the armies of Shamayim. I am and have always been like Mikha'el in thought and in Spirit, but in human form. I was disobedient and rejected my calling for a large portion of my life. Not anymore. I have gradually been morphing into who I am destined to be as the prophet Mikha'el, servant and soldier of the Most High and His son, my master and savior, Yahushua ha Mashiyach.

How The LYYHT Began...
One day during a two hour drive in 2004, something hit me. And it hit me hard. I had an epiphany that told me I would start an organization, rooted in absolute truth that would save souls on a global scale during the tribulation. I was given the phrase "The Light". That was all I was given at the time and at the same time my life was finally beginning to go in the right direction. The direction towards fulfilling my destiny. My path was taking me to a whole new level of knowledge, wisdom and awareness. And it was overwhelming and frightening at times. When your eyes begin to open and you begin to see the many things hiding in plain sight, due to our lack of seeking the truth, you will be struck with terror when the reality of just how close you were to total damnation finally hits you.

Over time it was revealed that The LYYHT would be a catalyst for the renewing and reshaping of the mind of mankind in order to be saved when our life ends. An overflowing fountain and truth and insight (Light) in the midst of earthwide darkness that will put those who seek the Truth in the proper perspective. The keyword is PERSPECTIVE. The fierce and shrewd perspective of Divine truth. There is no diluting or sugar coating of anything here. Many things will be uncomfortable, unbelievable and upsetting but it is all Truth. It simply is what it is and it is what it looks like.

Here, you will read the prophetic words of Adonai Elohim and they are not open for debate. Accepting the truth will not be easy because of the wicked pull and weak, programmed nature of the flesh. BUT with the assistance of the Ruach ha Kodesh and a willing heart it will be done. The flesh is weak but the Ruach is willing.

When you seek and begin to see the Light, your mind will shift from the perspective of the flesh to the perspective of the Ruach. This will allow us to see things the way our father in shamayim sees them. You will be required to turn away from the heretical, pagan, abominable and blasphemous teachings of reborn Babylon perpetuated by Roman Catholicism and Protestantism through the 'Christian Church'. This will call for a radical change of perspective. So radical that some can not and will not make the change. Nevertheless, it is required of us by our mashiyach for salvation. Period.

The Mission of The LYYHT


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